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Sign of the Times

From branding. . . 

words with meaning

Our Mission – why, how, when

Our focus – community, collaborative, empowering, catalyst, creative

(Thank you to our first Watershed residents, Micah Ling and Douglas Light, for helping us with our vision)


To logo and design. . . 

Inspired by a brand on a napkin,

and some paint chips,

we created our own brand.

explored a world of color,

and decided this is most Colorado-simple and natural


A budding flower

A blue bird day

A symbolic brand

(Thank you to Ashley Ahlene and CO Creative for all of your artistic guidance and support.)


To sign. . . 

Deerhammer Distilling Co. barrel hoops

rustic steel magnet boards

two guys, one ladder

three well hung works of art

(Thank you to Eric Walters and Eric Smith of E and E Fabrications)


From branding, to logo and design, to sign,

We’ve taken our time.

To get to know the locals.

Our community.

Our neighbors.

Our partners.

Our friends.



 a community focused shared space

Buena Vista, Colorado